TMI Tuesday #39

Love and other drugs ! It’s TMI Tuesday again!

Love is made of many components. What are your top three components of love?

Off to a very difficult start, but here we go. First off, physical attraction and sex is a must. I would be lying if I say that it doesn’t matter but that is the plain truth. I cannot see myself in a sexless relationship or to someone I’m not attracted to.

Second, I believe in complementary opposites – so a deep understanding of one another is a must. Love should complement your life; it should enhance you not stress you.

Lastly, I’d choose a woman who would choose me. I’m a very flawed character despite my best efforts to be confident. I cannot love some supermodel who would never notice me. The same thing goes in loving someone who is unavailable.

For you what is good sex, and what is great sex?

Good sex is warm, cuddly, passionate sex. It makes you feel adored; makes you feel safe. Great sex is visceral and primitive. It is intoxicating at best and often drowns you in pure desire. It is heart pounding and breathtaking, it is carnal and obscene but none of those would matter. What mattered is pure bliss.

In long-term unions do you:

  1. expect love to grow over time as the union unfolds?
  2. need to have an immediate attraction, infatuation, and feelings or excitement in order to enter into a long-term union?

I expect love to grow over time, but attraction and excitement are necessary. While there is nothing wrong with “being you”, but things can also get stale and boring. The main reason I advocate being the better you. There is nothing wrong in being better or stepping up especially for men. So, go out there and be attractive, drop their panties off!

You are away on your dream vacation…

  • Are you alone or with someone? Who?
  • Do you want to have a hookup with a sexy stranger? Is the sexy stranger female, male, gender-fluid, bi-gender, transgender?
  • Would you rather spend all day doing your favorite vacation activity OR spend all night having kinky sex?

With Pancake of course, and if it’s a threesome then I don’t see why the hell not. My favorite vacation activity is kinky sex. I spend most of my vacation time with my kid, so a kinky getaway occasionally would be great.

Is hot, steamy, all your wildest fantasies come true sex more likely to happen with your current lover or a sexy, no-strings-attached stranger?

Current lover!

Bonus: Describe your hot, steamy all your wildest fantasies come true sex?

There would be lingerie, ropes, cuffs, blindfolds. There could be some clothespin and a magic wand. There would be a lot of begging and a lot of “Yes, Sir!”. While a tall glass of water, a nice blanket, and pillow wait near-by. I’d probably made pasta or ordered pizza prior. There would be a nice warm bath after and of course, there would be a lot of kissing. 

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15 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #39

Add yours

  1. Yesss! If “love” is stressing you something is truly wrong. Run!

    OMG! This is THE answer (for me) for defining good sex vs. great sex. And the answer will different from person to person. But I think your definition is a good fit for me.

    “Being a better you…” We should all have this as a daily goal to achieve. The world would be a far lovelier place.

    Bonus: Mmm…we are of like minds


    P.S. Thank you again for playing and promoting TMI Tuesday blog.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow! This is a huge compliment.
      I’m already starting to worry that something’s wrong with me. hehehehe =)

      Yes, I advocate being better. The better you are for yourself, the better you will be for others.

      Of course! I’d been a fan for many years now, I enjoying playing TMI =)

      Thank you big time H!
      Cheers! =)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. People might add up love in different ways…but ‘stress’ shouldn’t be part of that equations! Haha! I liked your definition of ‘great sex’ too!

    Happy to be back and participating on TMI! I missed you all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had my share of stressful relationships 😅

      As for great sex, so far that is the best explanation I’ve got. Body trembling and lips quivering sex!

      I’m so happy to hear from you B! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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