Father’s Day Gift Guide (2019)

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant night!

Father’s Day is around the corner. As a father myself, I always look forward to that handmade card I always received from my 6 yr old daughter. But in case you’re too old to draw hearts, robots or unicorns on a piece of paper – fret not, I got you covered.

So today, I wanted to give you a list of recommendations for the man who taught you how to be a man – your dad.

For the dad who knows his way around the kitchen: Kitchen Knives Set

A sharp kitchen knife is indispensable in any kitchen. You need a sharp knife to slice steaks, carve chicken and dice vegetables. Plus, you now know that dads are a hell of a lot sexier when they cook! 

For the dad who is always ready for everything: Multitool

Multitools are great for everyday carry, it’s compact and fits into everyone’s pockets. It doesn’t matter what the day throws to your dad, he got it under control. Now, where is that damn screwdriver (rummaging)??!

For the dad that enjoys his morning runs: Hoodie

It’s fantastic that dads, despite his busy schedule; still makes his fitness a priority. So, what better way to support him in becoming a fit dad is by giving him something that he could use in his runs.

For the dad that is still impeccable and charming: Cologne

Aren’t we proud when dads, despite their age still have an impeccable taste and a lovely charm?

For the dad that still loves to take on an adventure: Action Camera

What better way for dad to capture his base-jumping adventures than an action camera.

For the sharp looking dad: Dress Watch

Level up his formal wear with a classic dress watch worthy of a red carpet.

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For the dad who loves his books: Special Edition of his Favorite Book

A hardbound special edition of his favorite book that is sure to be the crown jewel of his collection.

For the dad who enjoys his man room: Wall Art

Give him something to focus on as he contemplates his plans for world domination.

The dad who loves to write: Fountain Pen

This is the one I wanted for myself this year. So, I’m putting it in the list in case anyone of you guys decides to give me a present this Father’s Day!

For the dad who loves his cured pork in the morning: Bacon Press

Who likes their bacon all crumpled up? That’s right, no one!

And lastly, the most important gift for your dad this Father’s Day – is you…

You are his most prized treasure, his greatest creation. So, commemorate him by spending some time with him. Remind him of how wonderful it is when he played catch with you, or the time he taught you how to shave. Even the bad ones, tell him how grateful you are for the time he taught you a lesson in integrity or his lack thereof. Tell him how much you have learned about life and in being a parent because of him. Because for better or worse, we all owe it to him; the person we are today.

To Dads, to COURAGE and FREEDOM!

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28 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide (2019)

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  1. And I was just out earlier on to try and find a gift for may father on father’s day! Thanks for this Mr. A, all are awesome ideas! Advanced happy father’s day to you 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Im sorry to hear that. But you can always honor him by the life he lived and the lessons he gave you.

        Cheers to your dad!


  2. Love the list! Mother’s Day is always a big thing, but I think dads don’t get celebrated enough. My dad always waves it off and says he doesn’t need anything, but I’m sure deep down he’s delighted to be appreciated. 😛 Thank you for the lovely suggestions.

    Liked by 1 person

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