Barbarian Wardrobe: Outfit of The Month (May)

Greetings Barbarians! Long days and pleasant nights!

“Looking great is unmanly”, says no man ever!!! Either that guy got tired of trying or has no full grasp of his surroundings. Here at A Barbarian in Gentlemen’s Clothing, we advocate presentation with strong gusto. While haters will beg to differ, calling it vanity or whatsoever. The plain simple truth is, presentation is half the battle. You wouldn’t eat something that looks like cat vomit.

 A bit dandy! That’s what best describes the outfit for the month of May. A bit flexible in terms of its casualness but at the same time very presentable. So, let’s get on with it.

Shoes: Penny Loafers

Slip-ons are the shoe of choice when it comes to warm weather. It is easy to wear and looks great if you decide to show some ankles.

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Pants: Beige Chinos

Light colored chinos are ideal for warm weather, it is light and breathable. It looks great when the hems are rolled, be careful when rolling the hem. It should be right above the ankles, anything above that looks ridiculous.

Shirt: Light Blue Polo Shirt

I love polo shirts! It has a collar so you can wear it on casual days at the office and casual enough to wear on a Saturday. You can wear it tucked, untucked or half-tucked (French tuck). It is versatile and timeless.

Optional: Light gray Sports Jacket

A removable outer layer is always a must for men. You can take it off when it gets too hot and put it back on when it gets a bit chilly. A lightweight, unstructured sports jacket is great for warm weather. Also, gray is a versatile color there is so you can expect yourself to wear a gray sport jacket all year round.

So, there you have it, my pick for the month of May. It’s casual yet not too casual, it’s comfy and yet dandy! It has the right amount of flair but seems very relaxed. Ideal for those afternoon picnics and strolls at the park. Now, who says looking great is unmanly?

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