Decorate a Room Like a Man

A man’s house is his domain, he secures everything within his walls.  He provides to the needs of those under his roof and its walls are witness to all his triumphs and defeat. Within these walls is where he realized his most profound dreams. Regardless of your point of view, it is in a man’s nature to create and cultivate his interest.

Your surrounding has a direct effect on your well-being and mood. With that said, it is imperative for a man to have a space dedicated to the pursuit of his interest.  A place where he can spend time with his family, friends or by himself. A man’s room must entail quality, comfort and must reflect himself. Quality, as we value our hard work and hard-earned cash. We know that money does not come easy. We make sure that what we buy would last and we cannot afford to buy another one again. Comfort, as we cannot afford any distraction. When we work, we work hard and when we play, we play our hearts out. It must reflect himself, it does not have to make to sense to everyone else but it must represent who you are as a man.

As for me, I am a man who reads and writes among other things. I am a man who is not good looking but has style. I love shoes and books, as well as knives, fighting, and music. I do not play video games, So it is useless for me to make room for the latest gaming chair in my room.

With that said, here is what I would put into my man room:

Solid Desk

A solid desk is essential to any man. This is where he reads his Fitzgerald, his Machiavelli and his Coelho. This is where he writes his letters and contemplates about the intricacies of his life. This is where he builds his model cars and sharpen his knives. I prefer wood and has a vintage mid-century look.


Every solid desk needs a lamp, something that is functional and at the same time stylish. Again, I have a tendency to shy away from modern and hip designs.


A shelf’s purpose is to organize a man’s precious stuff instead of lying there on the floor but also as your library. Every man must have books, and shelves are a great way to organize them. Shelves must be solid and substantial. It must be spacious to allow any collection to grow.


Sofas are great when you are having guest and also great when you got yourself kicked out of the bedroom. Sofas are also great to rest you head after a long time of reading or building. How ever you plan to use it, a good comfortable sofa is a must in any man room.

Lounge Chair

The lounge chair is the epitome of comfort in a man’s room. This is where rest himself when he plans to conquer his world. Or relax after the deed has done.

Coffee Table

A sofa and a lounge chair would not be complete without a classy coffee table.

Wall Clock

As much as we would like to stay in our man room forever, we cannot. So we need something to keep track of the time. I would say that a room would not be complete without a wall clock.

Wall Art

Lastly, some wall art. This is up to you. Personally, I like fighting or something that has a musical significance.

Some Barbarian Tips:

  • Be a man, Do not be afraid of colors – a simple man only sticks to his black, white and grey. While this colors are essentials, they are also boring. A barbarian is not afraid of his pink, lavender, and teal. Experiment with colors.
  • Avoid generic looking items – There is nothing wrong with the stuff that you could buy from a hardware store. But the thing is, your man room is your man room. You do not want it to look like someone else’s man room. This is where you will conquer your world, so try to make it more as you.
  • Choose function – Avoid cramming your man room with stuff that is useless. Do not spend money on stuff because you think it looks cool. Boys do that, men do not. Before you pay for something, think of its purpose first.
  • Splurging on Gadgets, but not on stuff that matters – You have the latest phone, but sleep on a shitty ass mattress. To be honest, I do not see much point in spending too much on techs. They decrease on value, they broke easily and they no longer matter when the new model arrives. Invest in things that last.
  • Not caring about the smell – Guys, please do not let it stink and please clean up for yourself.

In the end, decorating your room is all up to you. I’m here to offer my suggestions. Figure out what you want and be willing to build it little by little. It does not mean that you can walk into a furniture shop and buy everything that caught your attention. Choose quality in whatever you buy.

Have intent in whatever you choose, it does not matter how much you have in the bank or whatever style you aim.

“The soil of a man's heart is stonier, Louis. A man grows what he can, and he tends it. 'Cause what you buy, is what you own. And what you own... always comes home to you.” ― Stephen King, Pet Sematary

26 thoughts on “Decorate a Room Like a Man

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      1. I sure did enjoy writing this one, and I hope I could come up with more topics like this in the future.

        I’m glad to hear that, I also had a wonderful weekend!


      1. I agree! I think all people should have their own rooms or workshops. 😄
        The man room or man cave just got a bit of negative connotation lately because of some chauvinist or childish taste of some. But overall, I think it’s great to have a room wherein you can explore the possibility of one’s interests.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi NZ! Thanks for commenting!
      I’m glad to know that both of you have your own respective spaces.
      As for my room, the odd thing that sticks out is my small comic book collection that I haven’t expanded in a while. =)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. when i visit anyone but especially a man, i would look at his bookshelves, this tells me a lot about his mind and personality and i would be looking at his belt too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh…. I wonder why belts? But honestly, I love belts!

      My family and friends, are almost non-readers, truth is I can’t remember where I picked up my love of books. All I can remember as a child are my comic books, and the first book (or series) I’ve ever read as a young adult was Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. it tells of character having a good belt, i notice a lot of men don’t care about belts but it finishes the dressing up perfectly. its horrible when a man is dressed up well but has cracked or peeling belt, it lacks attention to detail for me.

        love for reading comes from a mind that thirsts for knowledge and has a fascination about the world yet explored. comics are a good starter, I loved reading Beanos and Archie comics!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah yes! I completely agree! A belt should always be nice and well maintained.

        Mine was Batman and the local cult favorite, Funny Comics. I remember my mom buying me those every week to encourage me to read. Gotta love moms! =)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. my boys would not leave a book store until they got their favourites. we had a really good local cartoonist called Lat, he’s so talented.

        you Moms know best!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. lately i have been to some good book swap meets, a lot of variety and its free! i prefer used bookshops too, can find some classics if we are lucky. hope you get to one soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Aw me too! Used books have character!
        One could find treasures in a used book stores, If one knows what to dig and how to dig!


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