Barbarian Wardrobe: Outfit of The Month (April)

Greeting Barbarian! It is summertime is here in the Philippines, it is hotter and more humid than the usual. People are often running towards the beach or staying home within the comfort of the air conditioner. As I write this, it is 34 degrees Celsius sitting my ass at the counter of my mom’s shop. Cigarette on one hand and an ice cold drink on the other, contemplating about life’s great mysteries. Climate has always been a limiting factor in what to wear. Colors and what type of fabric plays a far greater role in your wardrobe.

Summertime outfit usually consists of light-colored and lightweight fabrics, usually of breathable construction. Avoid heavy fabrics that would prevent sweat from evaporating. Pick something that would offer better protection against the sun.

With those taken into consideration, here is the Outfit of The Month for April:

Shoes: White Canvas Sneakers

Canvas Sneakers are ideal for summer because of its breathable construction. Lucky for us there is a wide variety of canvas sneaker on the market. Thou, I would advise staying away from clunky designs that could ruin your silhouette. Go for a more classic design like a Converse Chuck Taylor or a Vans Old Skool, or Adidas Men’s Matchcourt RX.

Pants:  Khaki Chino or Corduroy Pants

Time to give those dark washed jeans some rest. Opt-in wearing some light-colored chino or corduroy pants.

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Shirt: Plain White T-shirt

As I discussed from one of my previous posts, a plain white t-shirt is essential to any man’s (or woman’s) wardrobe. It is functional yet cheap, summertime is the ideal season to rock the plain white tee.

Outwear (Optional): Light-washed Jean Jacket

Let us finish off our outfit with a removable layer, a light-washed jean jacket. Every stylish man must know how to layer. It is a step up from a plain and boring to something sexy. Jean Jackets are ideal because of its loose construction. It is something that can be worn when it got chiller and can be taken off when it got warmer.

There you have it, My suggestion for the month of April. A warm-weather ensemble ideal for a warm climate. It is a casual outfit with a light and breezy vibe to it.

With the right selection and a better understanding, one can still be stylish despite the weather.

So, my faithful Barbarian remember to stay cool and stay awesome this summer!


37 thoughts on “Barbarian Wardrobe: Outfit of The Month (April)

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  1. i love Vans Old Skool – the chequered ones are so cool! summer is all about being light and airy, good ensemble! hope you have a lovely summer, though it’s hot you always look cool!

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    1. Hi Gina!!!! Im so happy to hear from you!
      Yeah summer is about light, bright and breezy! I love Vans Old Skool and some Onitsuka Tiger. I has a very timeless look that could still go on for years to come. =)

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      1. i think of James Dean cool when I read this and see how well you could carry it off. hi to you too! catching up on some reading…you fave blogger mine…LOL!

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      2. oh yes Hemmimgway….its the physical and intellectual strength they possess, which ties in with your other post on masculinity and strength. i’ll have to add one more….Richard Armitage!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. indeed! I watched him live few years back in a play , The Crucible, in London! OMG! he is brilliant! i love him best in North and South the mini series.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ow, Did a quick google and found out that he voiced a recent anime i’ve watched on Netflix!

        I saw him on Hannibal, he’s great! I think the whole cast of Hannibal is great! =)

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      1. I live in a part of the US where the weather is pretty moderate, not too hot, not too cold and jean jackets work all year round. I wear them with jeans, with long maxi dresses, with short dresses or a skirt and tee shirt and usually with my favorite “day jammies”.

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