TMI Tuesday #31

Time for your regularly scheduled TMI Tuesday. Enjoy 🙂

  1. Did leave your last love for someone else or no one else?

Left me for reasons I do not know =) All I know is that the reason must be a really good one!

  1. Do you enjoy being alone? Yes or No

A bit

  1. Which of these reasons is most likely to spark your motivation for solitude:
  • It sparks my creativity
  • I enjoy the quiet
  • Being alone helps me get in touch with my spirituality
  • I value the privacy
  • I do not feel like when I am around others
  • I cannot be my true self when I am around others

Being alone helps me get in touch with my spirituality. I have a saying that if one cannot manage to be alone then what business does he have being with someone? That is why I tend to favor self-reliance and self-improvement first, family ties and friendship second, and romance third.

  1. Have you ever tried to win back an ex-significant other?

– Yes or No

– Were you successful?

– If yes, did you regret it?

– How long did the reconciliation last?

Yes, I did and it was not successful. I deeply regret it, and it lasted for a very long time.

  1. Do you mind if your significant gives or receives harmless flirtation?

I don’t mind, really. As long as everyone knows their place and respectful, then I don’t see anything wrong.

Bonus: If you really knew me, you’d know _____.

You’d know me at Instagram =) I’m ultra discreet, and I think only 3 bloggers from WP know my IG. (1 of them I’m actually sleeping with).

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15 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #31

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  1. I gave my ex two weeks to come back; but, I noticed that, after she left, all my stomach problems went away. Being alone is way better than being in a toxic relationship. Now only my boys have to deal with her…

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    1. Hi Masercot! Im so sorry to here that, but like you said; there is a bright side to everything. Robb Flynn from Machinehead said it best.
      “For us, there are no stunning victories, only respectable wins. No ultimate failures, just better-luck-next-times.”

      So I wish you the best of luck, mate. Cheers!

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  2. solitude is one of the best teachers too. I love my me time and guard it religiously, only mu kids are allowed to intrude, does that make me a selfish person I wonder?!! you have a very healthy appreciation of how relationships work, no hang ups most men have, sorry if I am stereotyping here, but you have the confidence I wish men would cultivate. It reduces and even eliminates confusion for us women or well for me, as I can only speak for myself. I love your easy going nature yet you are tightly wound ready to spring into action if the need arises. a wonderful post, i learn a lot from you, thank you for sharing!

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    1. Nah, not selfish at all. Remember the story of The Lake at the beginning of The Alchemist. =)

      As for my views on relationships, maybe its the too much heartache that made me reassess the way I view relationships. What really works for me is by treating it like a bank account (something I’ve read on the internet). It says that avoid going in “debt” in a relationship, and that you should make frequent “deposits” in a relationship so that you have something to “withdraw” when you needed it.

      As for my easy going nature, I remember a psychologist telling me that despite my humor, I am the type of guy who checks the “artillery” at night if he still has enough “ammunition” for tomorrow.

      While most men wanted to be a lion or a tiger, I wanted to be a duck. Calm on the surface, waddling like crazy underneath.

      I’m sorry if I talk in too much metaphors, I’m just always excited to make my replies to you Gina!

      Cheers! =)

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      1. i love your metaphorical responses! such wonderful analogies that are truer than strange fiction. see I even was concurrent with your psychologist, it comes through in your words. you would be the person to call upon in a calamity.

        i like the thought of a bank account relationship meter, sadly I have made many deposits in the past, then realised too late it was into the wrong account! the guy withdrew for greener pastures! Damn!

        with you I have freedom to express and or vent, you get it, you have no misconceptions, I think we could conquer the world if we talked more often!!

        And yes I recall the Lake, we need to nurture from within to be able to look beyond, good point!


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      2. Maybe, I’m still not the go do guy. But I aim to be. I guess that’s what I have been really working on myself. As for the psychologist, she not really my psychologist but rather I’m dating a psychologist. Hahahaha! =)

        I’m sorry to hear about the bank account, well we live and we learn. But honestly, in my opinion. I think it is us men that should do more of the frequent “deposit”. I think that one of the many pitfalls of modern manhood is that most men think they are some unique snowflake, not to bring the guys down; but the reality is we men are as exependable as a matchstick and the more we realiaze that and do something about it the better. Like I said manhood is a lifetime of struggle and most men should accept that.

        As for your freedom to express, Im glad that you feel that way. I remember a line from Norwegian Wood thats says “What happens when people open their hearts?”
        “They get better.” and you should be, you deserve that =)

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      3. awww…just stay as you are, it is totally endearing.

        the psychologist is a cute match! happy for you both!

        I only speak from personal experience and the men I am attracted to seem to have these hangups that confuse me totally. why i enjoy reading your posts, clear, concise and precise. i am methodical that way.

        thank you for the lovely life quote at the end of your comment. know what, after i saw that the relationship was going nowhere i freed myself of a lot of burdens, I don’t criticise him or berate his shortcomings, we are all human, just that i knew it was too unhealthy to stay. thank you and so do you, deserve not just better but the best!

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      4. Thank you!

        I remember a theory of mine about relationships, that we often find attraction to a person that embodies the traits that we want for ourself but do not have. Opposites attract, I am often loud and a bit clumsy so i find quiet and graceful women very attractive. Later I found out that it’s not just opposite, but should be complimentary opposite in order to have harmony in a relationship.

        One reason I advice most of my guy friends to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Love is not just a knee jerk reaction and relationships are hard work. I knew, that was my mistake a decade ago. =)

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      5. complimentary, yes I agree with that, not opposite, someone opposite of me will find it so difficult to understand me, that’s the thing i suppose,not just understanding but wanting to go the distance with someone, that takes courage and determination, in the end maybe it is just not meant to be, so best let it go, Elsa would sing from the bannister! I am not bitter, life has too much to offer to waste it pinning and waiting for someone who does not want to be with me, a hard reality, but I am an optimistic realist. thank you for the chat, always enlightening!

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      6. I could already hear my daughter’s voice singing that! hahahaha!

        That’s right, and besides he’s probably not the good looking anyways (just kidding!).

        But anyways, it’s always a blast talking to you!
        Take care always, Cheers!

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      7. haha she’s angel!

        you are right my son said the same! yikes!

        same here, have a good night and God Bless you and your loved ones always!


  3. So I have to admit that I read TMI Tuesday because it gives me different perspective. But this post made me realize that the strength of my marriage of 22 years is that we haven’t had bumps but fought just as hard to win each other back when we do. And both grant each other lots of space. I like the playfulness on Tuesday thank you!


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