TMI Tuesday #29


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  1. When you have experienced sexual difficulty, how did you overcome it?

Once, I dated someone who does not like me using the word “fuck”. It kinda messed up my head, that I started to walk on eggshells. I really like this person, but I couldn’t seem to overcome it. I think that’s when the relationship went downhill.

  1. How do you like to reconnect with your significant other?

I’m not sure if reconnect is the right term here, since pancake and I were never disconnected in the first place. But I really enjoy having a conversation with her, from the more serious and profound of talks down to the downright silly and ridiculous of jokes.

  1. “It isn’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.” How do you like to be done?

Of course, always with full awareness and free will. I really don’t like when something is done, and they do it because of me or because I wanted it. I don’t like it when something feels more like a favor rather than a gift.

  1. If you are married, were you ready for marriage?

Well, the first time I did it didn’t end so well. I guess you could say that I’m not ready, but I’m willing to work it out. I think the other party isn’t, I really do not know the answer to that and I’m not wondering about it either.

  1. If you are not married, are you ready for it? What makes you say that?

Maybe I am, I mean life is never easy but I’m still managing to make the best out of it. But personally, I’d rather not do it again.

Bonus: “It’s complicated.” In what way does this describe your current (or most recent) relationship?

The romantic relationship is not complicated, but being a solo dad is. Being a solo parent to a child who felt abandoned by the other parent is difficult. There is a lot of reassurance to be done in order for her to feel less abandoned. A child who is afraid to be put aside or worst, be left behind. That is why I choose my romantic relationships carefully.

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18 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #29

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  1. i hear you on being a solo parent, been one for years, but kids are more resilient than we give them credit for. take heart your child benefits from you being happy and well balanced, they learn from our actions. you are a good person, I know you must be a good dad too, for the fact that you are thinking about being a good dad!! LOL!!

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    1. Ow, im surprised to know that Gina.
      Well, on being happy and well rounded; I figured that out just a few years ago back when im still lifting. How her eyes sparkled when she watched me doing the heavy lifting.
      I figured my daughter wants me to be the stronger version of me, so did just that. Not just stronger but the best version 😊

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      1. surprise then! it was not easy, many times i longed for a partner to discuss things and a male father figure for them, but i was blessed with a strong church community that became an extended family for us. like you i was careful with choosing my personal relationships. it is so easy to just date but getting someone to commit is the hard part, I guess i was very focused on raising my kids and providing for them the best i could and it has paid off, last one in university now and i am proud of who they have become. my kids tell me, that they are happiest and feel safest when i am happy, maybe reason why i shied away from relationships that could upset their lives.

        your girl is the sweetest thing, we girls love our dads unconditionally and even at such a young age she is your little cheerleader, you are so blessed.

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      2. Ah same here, many times I thought of getting a nice girl to give my daughter a mother figure. But many times I hesitated and thought that I cannot place the burden of raising a child that is not their own.

        On “Two weeks” I talk about some gal back then, that seemed to be almost perfect and my daughter loved her so much like her own mother. But things didn’t turn out the way I wanted it and my daughter is more devasted of the outcome. That’s why I’m careful of who I introduce to her these days.

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      3. yes i never wanted that to happen , so i never was serious about anyone until about 2 years ago, someone i thought i could trust finally, but sadly he let me down in the worst way possible. luckily my kids never had an attachment to him, that would have devastated me more.

        in the end, the right person is there, they have to have lives aligned with ours, same goals and our kids and theirs should become a strong family unit. i would hold out for that sort of person.

        i think it is cruel to play with someone’s emotions. date for fun but when it comes to being serious make a conscious decision.

        take heart, someone special is out there for you, God is preparing her, and also you and your child to be loved and respected.

        you won’t ever regret putting your child’s happiness first. i am so sorry it did not work out with that girl you mentioned, more for your little girl, hug her tightly, she’s more precious than anything else.

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      4. I also believe so too, it should be maktub.
        As for the girl, it’s alright. She’s happy now, and im happy too. The thing is I never really blamed her for everything, I was a child and immature to the core. That’s why I swore to myself to grow up and be a man.

        Lucky for you, the kids didn’t get involved. It got messy with me when my daughter got involved. I did a lot of explaining for things that I didn’t even know the answers to.

        Once my daughter asked me, what would I do if ever her mom returned (her mom has a new family now). I told her that as much as it hurts me, I would not take her mother in.
        I cannot bear the fact that a family would be torn just for us, and we already made our decisions a long time ago and that there is no turning back.

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  2. Something slightly unrelated to your post content, but be sure I read it all. I always do, learning real facts about people, any people, is always fascinating to me, and I think these types of posts are fascinating to me because I am naturally a very private perso and when I’m faced with questions like this I freeze. Lol. I appreciate your ability and candidness 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’m glad that you find my post entertaining. As for being private, you would be surprised to know that I’m a very private person. Thou I try to be as candid as I could be on my TMIs. I figured it would be nice to be open somehow, that is kinda my main goal when I started writing in WP. A place for me to write openly. =)


    1. “Fuck” as sexual intercourse. I don’t know it kinda messed me up. I mean, it felt like I have to sensor myself. I don’t blame her thou, maybe she was just too nice for me.

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