TMI Tuesday #19

Fill in the blanks.


  1. I want to repeat ____ _.

My 20’s, there is just so much that should have been done, like prioritizing my physical development or handling my money really well. But then again, no regrets; I am exactly where I am supposed to be. What I lost in my 20’s is now my wisdom in my 30’s.

  1. I want to lose ____ _.

Tummy fat, I really need to get back into shape. I am currently doing some bodyweight exercises since I do not have my garage gym yet. I preferred training alone with no distractions.

  1. I want to gain ____ _.

Muscle, skills, wisdom. I guess those are the things that I wanted for myself the most; who would not want to get stronger?

  1. I want to enjoy ____ _.

Life in general, and people’s company; their stories, experiences or anything they wanted to say. Again, who would not want to enjoy that?

  1. I want to savor ____ _.

Each moment, good or bad. I want to savor each as it unfolds.

  1. I need more ____ _.

Money, sex, books. Just like what Madonna said, ‘Were living in a material world”. I know money is not everything, but it is a resource that needs to be put into good use.

Bonus: I will succeed in ____ _.

In life of course! Losing is not an option. =)



Happy TMI Tuesday!

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29 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #19

Add yours

      1. good! it;s healthy to feel a blush every now and then..LoL. but seriously, I have been in a lousy mood due to a number of reasons and i open WP and wham see your post first and I am like serendipity! this is exactly what i need to read right now. you make a great conversationalist, i would so enjoy listening to your thoughts.

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      2. no not all, an old neck injury flared up and i will be travelling soon and that has made me feel very frustrated, long flight and a bad neck just won’t be pleasant, compounded by the fact that I have to take some really strong painkillers which have upset my tummy…ohhh just feeling that kind of lousy. so trying to motivate myself into holiday mood…I am taking the new Philippine Airbus, the new shorter 14 hour Manila to JFK, quite excited about this as the price was a steal and the recent reviews are glowing! so your words kicked me in the place where it hurt and made me realise to stop feeling lousy and be happy with all the blessings i have. oh gosh look at this long comment!

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      3. ya I’d probably have a quick coffee and brownies with my niece, short transit time is another plus for this trip, thanks for the lovely wishes and i am now working on getting better, at my age that can be rather slow…LOL!!

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    1. Gina I read about your bad neck and I wondered if one of those silly neck pillows you wear to sleep on a plane might offer you some support on your neck. You can make them and hard or soft as you need. Sorry to cut into your post Mr. A. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. thank you dear. i have tried that and a neck brace, my issues are multiple and each has a cause and effect. but I am so touched by your concern and advice. thank you again

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  1. Hope you will achieve all that you desire! Your inner motivation and determination will carry you far. Today my coworkers talked about training at a gym and looking at everyone else. Somehow I don’t think that doing reps of “pullup on the bar, taking punches to the gut from a person, and doing 20 pushups. Repeat” isn’t necessarily effective for everyone! 😉 Study well for what your needs are!

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    1. I totally agree, fitness is necessary but you really have to know what kind of fitness is for you and your goals =)

      For me it was resistance training and combat sports. I really doing long distance running, I mean if it challenges you and you enjoy it then go for it =)

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