The Gratitude List

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is it that you are truly grateful for in life? Thanksgiving never was a Philippine holiday, but that should not stop me from expressing my genuine gratitude towards those, whom should I say, gave this speck of dust existence of mine a little bit more meaning.

If I may recall, how many of my relatives have distanced themselves because of my ungratefulness? How many lovers have I disappointed because I was not grateful enough? How many friends have I cut ties with because I think so very little of them? Too much, and I am surprised how much it broke me more than it hurt them.

Sometimes I blame myself for everything that has happened to me. I blame my arrogance, my ungratefulness, and my selfishness. I was generally an asshole until I was bought down on my knees, I was stepped on and pushed away and stripped off of pride and my vanity. I was helpless, hopeless and homeless. I was naked… then I was born again, this time to right the wrong and make good of everything. So here I am about to express my deepest gratitude to those who have blessed my life in so many ways with their simple acts of love and those who unknowingly brighten up my days.

First off, I am grateful that I still get to wake up every day and do what I am supposed to do. I am grateful that I am still alive and healthy. I am grateful to have strong legs to carry myself and take myself to places I wanted to be. I am grateful to have strong arms to reach for the things I wanted for myself, to hold the things that are dear to me.

I am grateful to my readers; I am grateful to the 186 followers of my blog. Thank you for the unprecedented attention my writing has received. I am grateful for new friends I acquired through writing, those who took their time to like and comment on my posts and to those who reached out to me. I cannot express enough of my gratitude for making a simple man from the Philippines happy and discover his passion for writing (despite his broken English). Special shout out to the following:

For anyone else who wanted to reach out to me, you could send me a message through my contact page @ or you could email me @ Your message will be very much appreciated, thou I will apologize to you in advance if I could not get to you on time.

I am grateful for my friends. I know you guys cannot read this but if you happen to stumble upon this little place of mine on the inter-web I want you to know you guys are very well appreciated. You made my existence a little bit less lonely. We always filled the room with our laughter and hope even in times of dire consequences, I want you to always remember that “life happens when it happens” and that “life is short, so be fabulous”.

I am grateful for you Pancake, I know you’re reading this and I cannot express how much you made my life wonderful over the last few months. Our little weekend excursions (god, I miss your smile…) and our late night phone calls are always something to look forward to. It was always nice to think that all of these started with a very simple bet (that you by the way lost!), and I have thought that with the distance between us will make this little love affair nothing but a fleeting glimpse of what happiness could be, but boy I was so wrong. This was unprecedented, yet profound in so many ways. You are wonderful just like how I have written what love should be.

I am grateful to you, mother and father; for your unconditional love even in the face of disappointment. You always stood by me, and I am sorry… I hope someday I could make you proud.

And lastly; to the wonderful bundle of joy and the walking littering machine who asks too many questions before going to bed, you will always be my #1 girl. I cannot thank you enough for giving me hope and something to live for. I am always proud of you little girl and hope that you could read this when you have grown old and have kids of your own. I am deeply sorry that things did not work out between me and your mom and that this is the life that you have to deal with. You have my eyes…

I have told myself I would not try to be overly emotional in writing this, but I guess I could not help but to spill my overflowing appreciation for the things that I mentioned above. 2018 has been a year of connections for me, a year of reaching out and reaching back. Of building bridges instead of walls, a year of firm handshakes, warm smiles, and small talks.

I will continue to be grateful especially on difficult moments in life. Gratitude is one virtue I want to live by, that it takes true men to express genuine gratitude. To truly appreciate the gifts that have been given and see the beauty of the mundane in the world of instant gratifications. Gratitude is an eye-opening virtue that increases our overall well being as well as to those who surround us.

Gratitude truly is rewarding in terms of emotional and mental happiness, and it truly changes your perspective of your surroundings and in changing your awareness. So my advice to those who are currently reading this; express your gratitude now before it is too late, nothing in this life lasts…

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  1. Broken english??? Where? I don’t see it. 😉 xx Seriously, you write beautifully!!
    You say things from the heart in all you write and I am blessed to have the chance to read the things you write and say. Thank you! This is so sweet and so profound. ❤ xx

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  2. i don’t see any broken English, you are eloquent, precise and make sense! the last one the most important to me! I so enjoy your posts, your candour and humour is genuine and original. Though I sometimes blush at your passionate descriptions I love them all the same. Permit me a few more lines…your parents will love you unconditionally , you understand this better now you are a father, and about making them proud, you could never not, it’s a given the moment you were born, you belong to them as they belong to you, you make them proud just by continuing with being you, that’s all we parents really ever want. And you are an amazing you, think I have told you this before but you can surely hear it again!! Your focus is on the right things, teach your child gracefulness, this changes how they view the world. Gratitude is for the material things, gratefulness cannot be quantified in mere numbers or weight. It is the value of a life. Allow your perspective to continue to shape your future. don’t compromise these amazing values you have, its a legacy to your child. Lastly thank you for the mention, I am happy our blogging paths crossed. you add value to my world.

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    1. Thank you! Your comments are very much welcomed and I always look forward to them. Yes, parenting is my primary concern right now thou I will admit that it gets difficult sometimes being a solo dad and all (I guess I was not trained to play paper dolls and tea parties for that, but I do know some characters in My Little Pony); but the overall reward is much more fulfilling and gives me a great sense of pride. I guess that’s how mother and father feels but I sure hope I could do something to make them proud thou. As for my writing, thank you! That meant so much, I do write and few scribbles in a notebook but I have never written anything in a public medium so I was not sure how it would turn out. But I am so glad I did, so thank you very much for that!

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      1. Hahaha! I always admire the imagination of kids. They always have this uncanny ability to see the brightest of the unseen things.

        Talcum powder on wooden floors with socks, for more slide! =)


  3. Aww…that was such a beautiful post. I could feel your gratitude and love for life all the way over in the Midwest of the United States. I am honored that you thought to mention little ol’ me. I enjoy reading your posts too!

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  4. To be grateful is one of the most beautiful virtues one could have. It is being humble and appreciative at the same, a trait that is usually overlooked by most people. But you’re not most people. So be ready for more beautiful things to come your way. More than the likes and comments, you have touched (and continue to) the lives of your readers, something that we, I, would be grateful for in return.
    Cheers to more meaningful and entertaining entries, Mr. A!

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  5. Wow, this post is so true and so touching! The more gratitude we feel and express, the better. Thanks for the follow. I don’t really do the WordPress reader thing, but I’ll be sure to follow you in my feed reader.

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  6. Oh, wow, sorry Anon, I hurt my back and I did not read it entirely, so I do thank you and appreciate your wonderful comments of lovely responses and continued WordPress obsession like me 🙂

    I do this for many reasons more for my Mental Health issues and PTSD, because of my own trauma, I have to say sorry ladies, “I am on top”, joking… hehehe

    I think it is worth being grateful and it means I should do this myself actually which I will when my back is sorted… so thank you and keep on typing your thoughts, ideas, gifted talent I think you write extremely better than me.. (however, that is debatable about my writing)

    So, I am honored to be on that list of lovlies and honored that you consider my thoughts, sayings and smarty mouth comments accepted its lovely to read something special lke that xx

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  7. What I think is so very powerful about this writing is yes it is well written, touching and flows perfectly. However the biggest thing about it was it made me examine the things I am grateful for. Your soul reached out to me and touched mine. Thank you so very much for that.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow, thank you sirsnumber1kitten.
      This has to be one of the nicest thing anyone has said to me and this really made my day.
      Thank you if this has that much positive effect on you. I appreciate this very much =)


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