TMI Tuesday #15

Relationships are work

  1. Lingerie–do you like to give it as a gift or received it?

Giving it as a gift, It’s like one of those things that you buy for someone else but more beneficial for you.

  1. What’s a good date night movie?

Horror, or some sort of a mind fuck film.

  1. When your partner asks you “what’s wrong?” do you most often say “nothing” when something clearly is wrong? Why?

Yes, I’m fully aware that relationships are a partnership in sharing burdens; but I usually say nothing to make them feel I got it under control. Being a rock that doesn’t easily crumble is a trait that in my opinion, what most women sought after from a man. A man that is dependable and does not easily break.

  1. To keep the fires burning, and the relationship fresh you need to send your significant other just one text. What is that text?

“I’ll be a bit late for a take-out, I want you to undress and wait for me. I’ll ravish you, see  you in a bit…”


Bonus: What was your last grand romantic gesture?

Last weekend, Pancake and I spent a sexy and romantic time together despite the busy schedule, 6 hr bus ride and financial difficulty I’m currently facing.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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21 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #15

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  1. your gestures are so romantic and endearing…Pancake is a lucky darling! the text , lingerie and then….hmmm…a good build up to after hours thoughts and delights. really enjoyed this post, very feel good to me.

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      1. and that is the best part, I think that is the best any relationship can have, making it work despite challenges. It;s not the big things, small gestures like a good morning and good night text mean so much more, I wish you both many more beautiful moments together. You are an amazing person! stay gold!

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  2. I love texts like that. And I agree…I think a lot of women say they want a man who’ll be vulnerable and talk about his feelings, etc….but ultimately they are happier if that man is a stoic rock. It’s not really fair, actually. And I think it can be pretty hard on guys.

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    1. I agree, I know it is tough but guys really just have to tough it out. In my opinion, women really do love the “killer” inside a man. That when its time to kill the cockroach, he will kill the cockroach, instead of screaming at it. 😅


  3. Yes! Horror is the best. By the way thanks for all the post loves lately, it was one of the things that motivated me to get back into writing.
    My big feels the same way you do when it comes to being vulnerable. I’ve gotten him to let his guard down though from time to time and that’s all I ask.

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    1. Hi, witty! Yes, I do love horror films especially the old ones. They don’t make them like they used to anymore.

      As for being vulnerable, I guess the payoff for being dependable really outweighs vulnerability. I would love to show people the entire contents of myself as much as I could, but would I still be respected after that.
      I guess that’s one good reason why I write, there are just certain things in life that I should let it all out but unable to tell someone. =)

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  4. Aww…#3 is bittersweet.

    Men shouldn’t have to be the only ‘rocks’ in a relationship. They should have the freedom to be as emotionally vulnerable as is mentally healthy for them, and in those times, their partner’s should also be stable and dependable enough to take on the task of being a ‘rock’ in return.

    Still, I’m glad you’ve found a healthy emotional an outlet, Mr. A. Even dependable people need to be vulnerable at times as well as have a safe manner in which to vent.

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      1. I’m with you on that, Mr. A! I’d never put the onus on another human being to be my ‘strength’. We should all be self-contained to some extent as adults…or pay certified professional to help us become more so, if additional support is needed.

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      2. self-sufficient and self-contained. I think that is a good recipe for that =)

        I have also got to the point that I have to seek professional help, but in the end it still boiled down to my will power.

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      3. It’s all good. Nothing wrong with needing and asking for help. Nothing wrong with wanting to work things out for yourself, either. Sounds like you have all the tools you need in your toolbox.

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      4. Nah, I think I am still a work in progress =)
        I think nothing wrong with asking for help either, Humility is also something that I have been working on for myself =)

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