TMI Tuesday #14

Happily Ever After???

1. If married, had you slept with any of your wedding guests, not including the person you married? How many of the guests had you slept with?
Nope, but I would love to!

2. Weddings again–Ever gone to a wedding and hooked up with another guest?
No again, but I would love to!

3. Do you get along with your partner’s family? Why or why not?
Right now, we still haven’t introduced one another to each others family.

4. Who in your romantic relationship is usually the first to apologize after a fight?
We’re still on the early stages of the relationship to fight, we have our petty arguments and that’s about it. I pride myself of admitting when I was wrong so I guess that makes me the first to apologize but I guess I have to realize first that I was wrong first.

5. When was the last time you dreamed about your partner? What it a good dream or a nightmare?
I barely remember any dreams lately, but I do think of her when I wake up.

Bonus: Do you think that fate or destiny play a role in love?
Yes at least half of it, I really do believe that the people come and go to teach us about a thing or two.


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10 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #14

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  1. Aww…relationship beginnings are so adorable. You’ve barely argued or met each other parents. Enjoy that peace and tranquility while you can. Haha!

    We are in total agreement on the ‘Bonus’ question! I pretty much feel the same way.

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