TMI Tuesday #10

1. Tell us about the last road trip you made: When? Where did you go? How long was the overall trip? Did you go alone? Did you have fun?

Last Sunday, we took a 2-hour drive to the beach with some relatives. My kid and I had tons of fun, though her how to swim regardless of how anxious she was in the water. I’m basically a beach person. Nice waves and cold beer, what more can I ask for. 😎

2. Do you love to travel?

Not exactly, depends on the purpose. To be honest, I hated it when people answer their life’s problem with traveling. It’s like when people got their hearts broken, or need to find themselves, they travel. In my opinion, whatever unresolved problems you have at home will still be the same problems when getting to Rio or Milan or Bangkok.

3. What’s the best place you’ve been? Do you want to go back?

During my work and play trips to Metro Manila, I stumbled into a small pizzeria and instantly fell in love with their pizza Margherita. And there’s this really fancy bookstore that I always wanted to visit when I get the chance.

4. Would you travel for sex? Have you traveled more than 50 miles just to have sex?

Still haven’t yet, but would love too. Depends on the partner, I guess.

5. What sexual act or sex position do you struggle with doing?

Not thinking or not having sex at all! 😜

Bonus: What are you into but have not told anyone?

I won’t admit it but, I really do listen to Celine Dion… 😜

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16 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday #10

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  1. Great! You’ve been to Manila. I live around the area. 😉 There’s a lot of beautiful beaches in our country. I hope you have read about our Palawan adventure.

    By the way, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and liking them.

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  2. I like your sense of humor! I lived in Florida for 30+ years and loved the ocean. Now, I live in North Georgia and love the mountains. We love to spend time in quaint little mountain towns. Life seems simpler and peaceful which is most welcoming in these crazy times. Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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