TMI Tuesdays #5

1. What was your biggest worry five years ago, do you still have that same worry or feel the same about it at this minute?

6yrs ago, my ex gave birth to our daughter. Since then, I’ve always worried myself about being a good father and providing for her needs.

Fast forward 5yrs, my ex and I went on our separate lives and I got the custody of our child. And I still worry if I’m doing a good job as her father.

2. Do you have a positive or negative body image? What factors contribute to your self-body image?
a. advertisements
b. media and social media
c. comments from others
d. introspection and analysis of self

Introspection and analysis of self, you could say that I’m conscious about the way I look. Or to put it exactly I’m conscious about how my body performs. How I perform the physical task are of more concern to me than chiseled abs. I also dress as much as I could, there is power in the presentation.

3. How confident are you as a person?
a. no confidence at all
b. confident around friends and family
c. confident at work, and in my job
d. very confident in my surroundings–work, social settings, with strangers

Confident around my friends and family, confidence comes from mastery and how comfortable you are in any given situation. And i could say the I’m comfortable with family and friends.

4. How creative are a person you? Why?
a. not creative
b. average creativity
c. creative in some situations
d. very creative

Creative in some situation depends on the situation really. I’m pretty straightforward most of the time, but I do exercises my creativity when time permits.

5. Do you resent things being uncertain and unpredictable? Why?
a. Agree on
b. Undecided or Don’t Know
c. Disagree

Disagree, thriving in the uncertain and unpredictable is the main goal of anti-fragile life and antifragility is something I’m striving for.

Bonus: What do you wish you had invented?

Glow in the dark condoms… I saw some at the drug store and said to myself, why didn’t I think of that?

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16 thoughts on “TMI Tuesdays #5

Add yours

      1. Well here’s a few questions for ya….
        1. How long ago were you ten years old?
        2. When was the last time you danced naked?
        3. Are you a cereal killer?
        4. Do you enjoy a good Taylor Swift song?
        5. How often do you laugh uncontrollably?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ok I shall indulge 😅
        1. A long time ago, 22 yrs ago to be exact.
        2. 2 yrs ago, I think
        3. Nope, I’m a bacon and eggs kinda guy
        4. Just one, the back to December song
        5. I laugh like a madman

        Liked by 1 person

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