TMI Tueday #1

1. What makes you, you?

The very essence of what makes me, me. Is the combination of my strength, ability to endure, my duties, my experiences and my wisdom.
2. Do you care more about doing the right thing or doing things right?

Doing things right, there’s a very huge demarcation line between being a good man and good being a man.
3. What is sexual freedom? Do you have it?

In a way yes, I knew exactly what I want when it comes to my sexuality. Albeit not having a current partner.
4. In your romantic relationships, is trust more important than love?

Trust is more important, in my opinion. You can fall in love at any given time, place or circumstances. But you cannot trust in the same manner as how you fall in love.
5. Your life, is it more of a dream or a nightmare?

A bit of both, it has its respectable wins and better luck next times.

Bonus: What is the last romantic thing you did for someone?

Spent the day on the beach and enjoyed each others company, had breakfast and an early morning swim.

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