100 things about me

  1. I’m 5’5 tall, weighing at 144lbs
  2. I’m in my early 30’s
  3. I’m from the Philippines
  4. I’m the eldest of 3 siblings
  5. I have a daughter from a previous relationship in my custody.
  6. I’m a programmer by profession
  7. I’m left-handed
  8. I smoke cigarettes
  9. I don’t do recreational drugs
  10. I occasionally consume alcohol
  11. I could make a mean pasta alfredo
  12. Breakfast food is the best, especially bacon and eggs
  13. Pizza over burger all the time
  14. I love udon
  15. I’m not much into desserts
  16. I used to compete in Taekwondo
  17. I used to run, my fastest 1km is under 5 mins. My farthest would be under 12km
  18. I take my strength training seriously
  19. I recently took mixed martial arts
  20. I’m interested in anything about strongman.
  21. I take my appearance seriously yet at the same time I try to have fun about it
  22. I love shoes
  23. My favorite fragrances would be Hugo Boss Day, Dior Sauvage, Versace Eros, CK Obsession
  24. I own an heirloom watch that has been passed down from my grandpa, to my dad and to me
  25. My favorite brands are Uniqlo, Levi’s, Adidas, Puma, and a local brand Bristol Shoes
  26. My favorite books would be The Dark Tower series, The Alchemist & World War Z
  27. My favorite movies would be The Night of the Living Dead (Savini), The Godfather and Forrest Gump
  28. I love music, my favorite songs are too many to mention
  29. My favorite shows would be Sherlock, House, Daredevil, The Punisher, The Walking Dead, and Californication
  30. You’ll often see me browsing or watching at men’s lifestyle, fitness, and porn
  31. I’m a huge fan of making lists and journaling
  32. I prefer writing over typing
  33. I’ve chosen to blog as a means to document things in regards to the complexity of my life
  34. I try to meet new people as much as I could.
  35. I try to experience new things as much as I could
  36. I’m impatient
  37. I’m very outspoken, loud and curse a lot
  38. I love sex
  39. I have a dark and sometimes offensive humor
  40. I am a narcissist
  41. I value strength, wisdom, and progress
  42. I love the smell of shoe polish
  43. I avoid soy products as much as possible
  44. I have a fear of flying
  45. My go-to dish is scrambled eggs
  46. I’m a strong purveyor of the 50/30/20 rule
  47. I have an ideal BMI according to my annual physical exams
  48. I am constantly reminding myself not to slouch
  49. My favorite analog game is Monopoly
  50. I haven’t played any video games for a while, my favorite video game is Suikoden 2
  51. I manage my credit cards seriously
  52. I’m currently reading Orwell’s 1984
  53. I also have a fear of rats
  54. I enjoy doing the laundry
  55. I take my showers, cold
  56. I plan for the week
  57. I’m more active on Instagram
  58. I hate wearing a necktie
  59. I got caught in a serious car accident a few years back
  60. I despise house cleaning duties
  61. I live in a really really small apartment
  62. I enjoy doing the groceries with my daughter
  63. I’m a huge fan of linear progression programs
  64. I do my own ironing
  65. I’d like to learn how to take pictures
  66. Id love to learn how to make furniture with my own hands
  67. I’m a huge fan of Hafthor Bjornsson
  68. My favorite place to visit is a bookstore
  69. I would love to learn Judo
  70. The best thing I’ve ever bought for myself is a cheap faux leather driving mocassins, that started my obsession with shoes
  71. My favorite Disney movie is Wreck it Ralph
  72. The I cannot do without Spotify
  73. My most unforgettable memory of my first love is when she gave birth to my daughter
  74. I had a difficult time last year adjusting to being single
  75. The best advice ever given to me is to never let anyone stop you. It was given to me by my dad during the time my daughter’s mom left me for another man
  76. What doesn’t break me, makes me stronger
  77. It’s not the blood we shed but the blood we share that makes us a hero
  78. Deadlifting more than my bodyweight is one of the most rewarding things I did
  79. Freedom is when you live a fearless life
  80. I realized that I was no longer a kid when I decided to take care of myself
  81. Honesty is when you speak the truth even when your voice trembles
  82. I love having sex in places that have a high risk of getting caught
  83. I enjoy sex both gentle and rough
  84. I love taking videos and pictures while having sex
  85. I like to blindfold my partners
  86. Foreplay!!!
  87. I love to take control
  88. I would do the tying
  89. I’m seriously interested in threesomes
  90. I like to gently pull the hair of my lovers
  91. Dirty talking!!!
  92. Sexy feet are a turn on
  93. Physical love is necessary for a healthy relationship, in my humble opinion
  94. Communication is paramount
  95. Making love is beautiful
  96. I’m most likely to complain when drunk
  97. I own a dice with more than 6 sides
  98. I always say thank you
  99. Used to smash, kick, throw, hit something when angry. But not anymore
  100. And lastly, I consider myself self-made and resilient

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